How to remove the cart from WooCommerce

Did you ever think of how you could remove the cart from WooCommerce so that you can have a much simpler checkout experience? You can do that now with WooCommerce Skip Cart. It will add the following functionalities to your WooCommerce shop: 1 – Remove the cart from the checkout experience This would then allow you to even use custom buttons all over your site or some other source with the … Read more

Remove BuddyBoss Notifications For User Groups

A while ago someone asked me if I can figure out a solution to prevent the users of a given user group in BuddyBoss to receive notifications when they are mentioned in the forums or any kind of mention. And with that goal in mind, I developed BuddyBoss Remove Guest Notification. In essence, it is a plugin that allows you to select a user group or multiple user groups and … Read more

How to add a new administrator in WordPress

Introduction Sometimes you need to give someone administrator access to your site to help you implement something new or fix an issue that happened suddenly. In that case, the best idea is to create a new administrator in WordPress. Here is how you can do that super fast. Steps to take 1 – Hover ‘Users’ in your sidebar That will allow you to see all of WordPress’s options to manage … Read more

The WordPress Plugin Library is here

Introduction WordPress plugin library is basically a swiss knife for any WordPress developer! It reduces drastically the effort required for building small plugins like add-ons or small functionality plugins. I started building it a long time ago when I got tired of keep doing the same things for every new add-on that I built. That’s pretty frustrating because you have to redo the same thing every time like a robot. … Read more