How to add a new administrator in WordPress

Introduction Sometimes you need to give someone administrator access to your site to help you implement something new or fix an issue that happened suddenly. In that case, the best idea is to create a new administrator in WordPress. Here is how you can do that super fast. Steps to take 1 – Hover ‘Users’ in your sidebar That will allow you to see all of WordPress’s options to manage … Read more

The WordPress Plugin Library is here

Introduction WordPress plugin library is basically a swiss knife for any WordPress developer! It reduces drastically the effort required for building small plugins like add-ons or small functionality plugins. I started building it a long time ago when I got tired of keep doing the same things for every new add-on that I built. That’s pretty frustrating because you have to redo the same thing every time like a robot. … Read more

Removing Teachable access based on Stripe subscriptions

WordPress can get complicated if you’re using it to sell and deliver your online course. For that reason, you may have decided to use Teachable instead. And for payment processing, you’re probably using Stripe in conjunction with Clickfunnels or some other 3rd party shopping cart platform. There’s just one problem: how do you cancel a member’s access automatically when they cancel their subscription or ask for a refund?

Who is Sorin Marta?

I was really thinking about how to start this article. So I guess I’ll just start with who I am and what’s the whole purpose of this blog.  Also, I would like to set the expectations of this blog, what I’m going to write about and how is that going to help you.  Who am I? My name is Sorin Marta. I’m a tech-savvy guy who’s living in Romania. I’ve … Read more