How to remove the cart from WooCommerce

Did you ever think of how you could remove the cart from WooCommerce so that you can have a much simpler checkout experience?

You can do that now with WooCommerce Skip Cart. It will add the following functionalities to your WooCommerce shop:

1 – Remove the cart from the checkout experience

This would then allow you to even use custom buttons all over your site or some other source with the ‘?add-to-cart=‘ and would let you use a link like the one below to automatically send your customers to the checkout page:

2 – Clear the cart items if the user leaves the checkout page, therefore if they come back to your site and press the buy button again they will not have the same product twice

3 – Automatically set new orders as complete when the payment has been confirmed

If you have any questions or feature requests please let me know in the comments section 🙂

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